vanessa kirsch dipl.künstlerin & meisterschülerin

The dynamic and organic arrangement of lines which always can be found as a stylistic medium in the works of Vanessa Mendola can be considered as a seismographic outing of her own world of emotional experiences, free
from conscious relevance and possible interpretations of content.
Her paintings are similar to personal reports which reveal a certain period of her life and phases of development as an artist.
But in opposition to a book, the experience is not read on pages but can be regained in a painting.

As in every man’s soul, all depends an others and exists experiences come together inextricably from other experiences, because each experience.
Since she puts new lines continuously on lines already existing, she ceaselessly creates new moods of coloured surfaces which reflect the different kinds of
moods of her soul during the work of one painting.
The result is always a dynamic process which is seminal  of her complete work. Sometimes whole surfaces will be completely covered as wiped out emotions while others are overlapped or are placed next to each other in one
room as emotion on equal.

Her visual language is characterised by her choice and footing composition of colours which express her consciousness in an iterative way.
The choice of motives changes between the poles of abstraction and narration which offer an open range of views for the beholder. One can make his or her
own emotional choices while he or she looks at her paintings.
But nevertheless, every painting leaves a concrete impression because of its huge emotional content.

“Painting is like singing and dancing, a spontaneous reaction, rather an emotional thing than something intellectual”

Text: (C.C..Cacopardo)   


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